Our History

170 years of Tradition and Innovation

Each drum manufactured by Vallero International gathers the history of a Company that over the decades has handed down from father to son the secrets of a work, where individual skills and ability have incomparable value.
The Company Vallero International was founded in 1847, when Vallero family started the family business for the manufacture of wooden wine barrels in Salassa Canavese, a small town located 40 km North of Turin.
Company conversion to serve the tannery field took place at the beginning of 1900, when Mr. Durio conceived using drums in wet hide processing. Drums were similar to wine barrels, but provided with mechanical equipment enabling rotation and with special internal layout.
Between the two World Wars, Vallero family established the Company Vallero Cesare e Figli snc, which won the Italian market in Tannery filed.
After Second World War, when industrial and social reconstruction boosted the economy, the Company expanded and gained the Market worldwide.
Always meeting specific demands of Tanners, mostly aimed to environmental caring, in 1980 the Company designed, as pioneer in the Tannery filed, Eco—Drum system: the drums were equipped with special bath recirculation and filtration system saving water and chemicals consumption.

In those years, the Company developed the fist smart control of bath parameters to optimize tannery process: the Cyclontronic.
In 1991 The Company headquartered in Oglianico, where the coree business grew and Vallero became a leading Company and changed Company name in Vallero International srl.

From then on the Company always caring about specific demands of Tanneries, has designed and developed new Technologies and customized solutions.
In 2004 Vallero International Srl achieved ISO 9001 Certification, confirming his attention to the Quality policy from the design to the manufacture of drums and after sale service.

Vallero International srl, conscious that Research and Development are worth for all customers, has always designed and developed new systems and applications, such us Vortex system in 2005, improving load capacity of drums with Energy, Water and Chemicals Saving .
In 2007 studying the use of plastic material in the manufacture of drums, the Company designed Igloo and Oyster Models : commitment and professionalism made Vallero stay as a Leader in the market worldwide.

Vallero International srl commitment to meet customers satisfactions, made the Company be the perfect Partner for all Customers worldwide always keeping into due consideration that Drums must be environmental-friendly and are the ultimate Reactors for processing raw hides to fine Leather.

Contact Us

Vallero International S.r.l.

P.Iva 06172090018
REA 3417 / 91


Via Bordonatto 4
10080 Oglianico (TO), Italy

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